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Service Philosphy
After Service
1、How do you control the products quality?
From IQC to every producing step, we have professional QC staffs to check every detail and after the products finished,we will check 10% products at random and make sure 99% products are passed.
2、Do you have any Certifications?
Yes. Our products are certified to CE,  ISO9001, IECQ&QC080000,CCC
3、What are your main products?
Our main products are pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, chandeliers,table lamps,wall lamps,floor lamps,crystal lamps,mirror/picture lamps that have modern and classic styles.
4、Are chandelier heights adjustable?

Yes! The wide majority of our hanging light fixtures come with a 10’ wire and 6’ chain for a wide range of hanging heights. Some of our pendant lights come with extension poles for a more solid look. Several extension poles, available in sizes of 12” and 6”, allow for customizable heights.

5、How do I install my new chandelier?

Chandelier installation is fairly simple and straightforward, although you must always exercise caution when working with electricity. All of our chandeliers come with a detailed installation manual. If you are uncomfortable working with electricity, an electrician or contractor should be able to install your chandelier in a relatively short time.

When installing your chandelier, as when working with all electrical fixtures, turn off the power to your home at the service panel. Check to make sure the circuit is off, and use an electrical testing tool to make sure the electricity is off. Once it is safe to work with the fixture, you will most likely wire it in the same way the old fixture came out. White wires connect to white wires, black to black. You may find making a diagram useful if the wiring looks more complicated.

6、How do I clean and care for my chandelier?
Most chandeliers require a thorough cleaning on average of once a year, and can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. For detailed cleaning instructions, visit our Chandelier Cleaning page.

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