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Chandelier Cleaning Guidelines
After purchasing a chandelier you’ll appreciate its attractiveness and the extra pizzazz it adds to any room. Cleaning a piece that hangs from the ceiling, sometimes at quite high heights is another story. The good news is that chandeliers generally only require a thorough cleaning once a year. Regardless, a properly cared for chandelier can be an heirloom passed on from generation to generation.

If your chandelier has multiple parts, prior to disassembling make a diagram to guide you to where any removable parts go after cleaning is completed. Some chandeliers may look simple when you take them apart, afterwards it can get tricky. We recommend making the diagram to prevent confusion later on.

The next step is to set up alternative lighting nearby the area you intend to work. Your chandelier will not be able to provide light while you are cleaning. Never clean the chandelier with the lights on. It is even better to turn off the breaker switch to that particular area of your home to avoid any electrical problems. If you do not switch off the breaker, cover the chandelier’s light switch with a piece of tape to avoid anyone switching it on while you are cleaning. After turning off the chandelier lights, wait for some time to let the bulbs cool down before beginning to clean it.

While the bulbs are cooling down, put down a thick comforter or drop cloth on the ground directly below to catch any possible falling pieces.

While cleaning the fixture make sure to keep it stationary. Do not turn or twist it.

Use a light cleaning mixture (like mild dish soap and water) or special chandelier cleaning solution. When wet-cleaning the chandelier it is a good idea to cover the light bulbs with plastic sandwich bags to avoid getting solution in the light sockets. Use warm water; the warmer the water the less spots that will be left. For use on the light bulbs, gently wipe them down with a soft cloth with light cleaner. Chandeliers that feature crystal pieces will be more labor intensive to clean, compared to chandeliers made of various metals, which generally only need a damp cloth to remove dust.

If you’d like to simply spruce up a chandelier’s appearance, focusing on dusting and cleaning off the lights will make the fixture look the nicest in the least amount of time.

Wipe down any stray drops of water or solution and replace removed pieces.

After you have completed cleaning, let the chandelier dry overnight to insure it is fully dried before turning its power back on.

Sizing Your Chandelier
When it comes to determining what chandelier to purchase, one of the major factors is size. A perfect chandelier will provide functional lighting and look great. Part of getting a chandelier to look “just right” hanging in a particular room, is to pick the correct size. Despite the huge and varied selection of chandeliers available to consumers, both in stores and online, there are a set of relatively simple guidelines widely use to guide you in correctly sizing a chandelier to a space.

For rooms 10’ by 10’ or smaller, a chandelier between 17” and 20” in diameter will look the best.

If the intended room is more like 12’ by 12’, then choosing a 26” or 27” chandelier would be more appropriate.

A 14’ by 14’ room, or similar, can accommodate a wide range of chandeliers. Choosing any type of chandelier from 24” to 36” will make the room very visually pleasing.

Another technique for calculating the suitable size of a chandelier, taking the length and width measurements and adding them together can produce a sum that indicates a good chandelier size. For example, if the room is 14’ by 18’, a 32” chandelier would probably be a good size.

This being said, height is another measurement that should not be ignored. Considering the height at which the chandelier will hang is very important. If the room has low ceilings, the chandelier will also hang quite low, therefore buyers should consider buying a smaller one. Conversely if the room has very high ceilings then investing in a larger chandelier will create the most satisfaction, given that the higher chandeliers hang the smaller they appear. If you have a large room, do not try to skimp, purchasing a smaller chandelier-once installed it will look diminutive.

If you intend for your chandelier to be fixed above a table, attention should be paid to proportions. A chandelier should be around 12” narrower than the width of the table over which it hangs. It should also hang at least 30” above the table to avoid interfering with centerpieces, conversations and heads of diners. Beyond that, it is up to the homeowner to decide the best position of their chandelier, that’s the fun of decorating!

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