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MA01998C-001 | Chandelier
Dimension: 45X145cm  Bulb: 1 xE27x 100W
Description:Fit for family bedroom,dining room,hotel etc.shade:withte with singed edge


MA00874CB-006 | Chandelier
Dimension: 65X95cm  Bulb: 6 xE14x 40W
Description:Classic beauty is coming form natural, beautiful tulip freely bloom , unrestricted shape fit to unfettered free space.

MA01109C--006 | Chandelier
Dimension: 75X120cm  Bulb: 6 xE14x 40W
Description:Green leaves and tender grass decorated  under candle light, it make us to think the nature vital force
MA01353C-010 | Chandelier
Dimension: 70X90cm  Bulb: 10 xG9x 40W
Description:Coffee gold is our most color in design lamp. It is more pretty when match the classic yellow glass. The beautiful China rose is supported by powerful branch completely.
table lamp
MA01420T-001-01 | Table lamp
Dimension: 23x14X34cm  Bulb: 1 xG9x 40W
Description:This pretty table lamp's base comes in a painted dark brown, semi-gloss finish that's blended with soft red highlights - a subtle color combination that brings to mind the tones of antique .

The thick etched glass shade comes in swirled brown-and-amber colors, and it repeats the flower design that's cast into the base.

MA01454CA-008 | Chandelier
Dimension: 47X94cm  Bulb: 8 xG9x 40W
Description:A style of our own creation, the fixtures we label "Classic" were around for so long, were so popular, and have so little reference to any particular historical period or vocabulary that you're bound to find a good "fit" for your home and tastes.

Found in different homes of widely varying styles, our Classic lights possess a certain chameleon-like ability to blend in, while at the same time reinforcing the character and authenticity of period and period-inspired houses.

MA00997C-008 | Chandelier
Dimension: 85X80cm  Bulb: 8 xE14x 40W
Description:With the original process arts, creating the best perfectly archaize feeling. The body of forge hardware set off the color glass, it make people more attention.
MA01202CC-008 | Ceiling lamp
Dimension: 80X15cm  Bulb: 8 xG9x 40W
Description:Ceiling lamp is the indispensable of inside decorate illumination. Leaves present the gold vital force. Hanging a few clear crystal, and easy harmony the classic style indoor scene
MA01233C-008 | Chandelier
Dimension: 74X85cm  Bulb: 8 xG9x 40W
Description:This classic style chandelier features masterfully carved flowers in hand applied coffee gold finish. This eight light chandelier is hand crafted from wrought iron arms. Chandelier finished in coffee gold metal leaf and has a transparent with inner frosted glass shades.
MA01100C-006 | Chandelier
Dimension: 75X136cm  Bulb: 6 xE14x 40W
Description:The products of design come from tradition and history. You can find the historical print from any angle. It is suitable for inner decoration such as big living room.
MA00913C-009 | Ceiling lamp
Dimension: 61X50cm  Bulb: 9 xG9x 40W
Description:The lamp of classic furniture and painting color are entered into your classic home. You can see the lighting is surrounded by gold shellfish and hang on the treetop.
MA01295CA-008-01 | Chandelier
Dimension: 74X85cm  Bulb: 8 xG9x 40W
Description:Golden goldfish flower grow strongly. It is show the esteem life when set off by crystal and vine.
wall lamp
MA01255W-001 | Wall lamp
Dimension: 19x18x13cm  Bulb: 1 xG9x 40W
Description:Classical original color can make the lamp come into popular family. Ordinary figure design never been looked simple. You can understand the designer’s complex mood from simple.


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