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Kingdery is surprised on the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair


Date:2008-7-31 16:58:06 Kind of:Company News Read 13188 Times Author: jame Form: Internation sales Dept.

2008 Guangzhou International Lighting have closed, However it is joined enterprise quantities, overseas and the quantities of domestic special buyers, which it is the highest in 13 years. Having many lighting famous brand go upon the stage, the harvest is good. Attending the fair at the third time, Kingdery is much more than surprised. 



Kingdery entered into lighting industry have more than 11 years, it is the third time to we take part in Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, our booth No. is 36,1.1 brand hall, it has 88 square meter, total investment more thanRMB300,000. 

In order to let Kingdery brand successfully to show on this lighting, showing more than 100 styles new products, big lamps, small lamps, main lamp and minor lamp.

After 10a.m of the first day, it is the first time to appear many people flood tide on the fair. It shows that front for unit's electron monitor and control system data, two hours in opening on 10:00 of June 8th to 12:00 am, registered special buyers reach 18,000 people,3% more increased than last year. 

Standing 1.1 brand booths, Kingdery Lighting booth's design brief and unusual,88 square meter both is closed around, only have a small door to enter. We can see bright and resplendence lamp light and metal body brightened up, let people look on.

Along with people swarm into the fair,11am.of that day, so many people in burst kingdery booth. They are allured by pretty and brief lamps when the audience come into the booth. Someone indeed use the most bright lamp in the fair to describe kingdery products.

Incoming people don't want to go out, outside people come in uninterrupted. eight staffs in the locale looks very busy. Kingdery Lighting is surprised on the Guangzhou Internal Exhibition.   

Perfect closed gains so great

June 11,join in the Guangzhou international lighting exhibition at the 13th fall due have closed. According to Stat. by front for ,it is more than 110 thousand meters in the fair,25% more increased than 2007,corporation more than 1500.

specialty audience be closed to 100 thousand. they set up the highest in the history on dimensions of fair, the quantity of corporation and specialty audience who take part in the fair.


Kindery gains more from this fair.

There are 206 buyers who come from 30 counties especially for occident customer to visit our booth. We signed the contract with 30 buyers in fair. It spreads the market for KINGDERY LIGHTING.

We received 228 domestic abilities dealers. There are 40% excellence dealers in superior city, and other 60% dealers in second city. It is happen to have the same view on KINGDERY next sales goal- perfect the super market and emphases on developing the second city.

We take in 60 buyers who had cooperated with KINGDERY. The proportion of order is 60% in booth.

KINGDERY is surprised to appear in fair. It sped to improve KINGDERY brand and reputation. As the invisible gain, we get brand value and long-range infection which can not calculate by numerical value.


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