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Date: 2008.12.09-2008.12.12
Venue: Moscow International Exhibition Center (Exhibition Centre Krasnaya Presnya)
Place: Moscow, Russia

Lighting & Light Technology
Standard general service incandescent lamps
Halogen incandescent lamps
Fluorescent lamps
Infra-red lamps / fibreoptic lamps
Discharge lamps (HID-lamps), halogen metal vapour-, sodium vapour-, mercury vapour-lamps
Car lamps (cars, trucks, motorcycles)
Lamps for TV, stage, photo, film and optics
Luminaires and light systems
Road and traffic lighting
Surface mounted luminaires
Recessed and mounted luminaires
Lighting systems for offices and administrations
Outdoor luminaires, lanterns
Spotlights of all kinds
Luminaires for living areas
Prestigious luminaires
Chandeliers, crystal lamps
Special luminaires and lighting systems for theatre, opera and museum / illumination for stages / open airs, "light-music", light effects
Object and industry illumination
Electronic components for light technology
Accessories and parts
Parts for chandeliers and crystal lamps
Ballasts for fluorescent lamps
Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps
Ballasts for mercury discharge lamps, sodium discharge lamps, high pressure lamps
Ballasts for halogen metal vapour lamps
Electronic ballasts for mercury discharge lamps, sodium discharge lamps, high pressure lamps
Electronic ballasts with dimmer control
Transformers for halogen lamps
Electronic halogen transformers
Dimmer units
Light measuring equipment
Waste management and recycling
Installation technology and protection systems
Components for lighting industry
Parts and accessories for installation wiring systems
Mounting materials
Installation material for wiring
Switches and plug-and socket devices for equipment and lamps and accessories
Weak-current installation
Lighting technology bus bars
Cable and wiring for installation technology
Transformers, ignitors
Time switch clocks and time recording equipment
Safety and security
Alarm systems
Emergency and safety lighting
Intelligent lighting systems for object- and architecture illumination
Professional lighting technology for stage, theatre and discotheque
Special lighting
Special effects
Optoelectronic lightmoduls
Underwater flood light
Brass fixtures
Lighting design software
Trade journals publisher
Intelligent Building Technology

Electrical system technology for building installations

Distribution and joining material
Installation, channel and distribution systems
Cable and leads
Distribution systems
Safety switch and series built in equipment security
Installation switch and plug and sockets
Time switch
House communication
Buildings system technology
Earthing, voltage compensation, lightning protection, excess voltage protection
Electric heating
Systems for heat recovery
Hot water production
Single room heating controls
Low volt switch gear, equipment, industrial controls

Isolator and on-load switch, performance switch, motor protection switch
Relay, contactor
Command & control switch
Storage programmable controls
energy distribution, low voltage equipment, middle voltage equipment
bus bars, switch cabinets
performance electronic
Reception antennae and broadband distribution technology

Information and communication equipment
Tools and systems for telecommunication
Light call and personnel finder gear
Electro acoustic equipment
Danger report systems
Monitoring systems
Components and systems for structured data networks
Measuring and test devices, measuring technology
House and building automation

Home automation
Buildings automation
Facility Management
Institutions, organisations, associations

Trade journals publishers


Exhibitor Statistics: 406 exhibitors from 22 countries
Visitor Statistics: 18,000 visitors, 51% wholesalers/retailers,trade shops; 34% architecture and planning offices; 7% manufacturers for equipment and materials; 6% authorities, communities and administrations; 2% others

Show Overview: 
Established since 1995, InterLight has confirmed its position as the most important information forum for architects, lighting planners, industry, electricians and the specialist trade throughout Eastern Europe. InterLight is the ideal event for making a first entry into the Russian market as well as offering an ideal communication and marketing base for innovations and for product solutions that have already found an established place in other markets. The organiser, OWP Ost-West-Partner GmbH, Germany, is keen on boosting InterLight to achieve its prime objective of opening up and reaching the Russian lighting market in its entirety.

Most exhibitors were from the Russian Federation (183 firms in all). China brought the biggest presence from abroad (with 78 firms), Germany (42 firms), Turkey (36 firms) and Spain (11 firms). The Peoples Republic of China and Germany were both represented with official national stands. An exhibitor survey showed that there was a high level of satisfaction with the visitor stream and with the event structure. Many new business partnerships were seeded, plus tending to and building on existing partnerships, with that a substantial post-trade fair business effect was reckoned with.

InterLight brought light to Moscow as a unique and fascinating subject for presentation. The position of the Russian capital is strengthened even further through this as the international capital for lighting. Parallel to InterLight an accompanying program provided the international platform for an exchange of knowledge and continued education at the very highest level. Experts discussed the latest developments and official directives for lighting and building systems in scientific and technical seminars and round table discussions.

"Intelligent Building Technology" - innovative and customer specific overall solutions are the themes in trend at InterLight. The implementation of the most innovative lighting ideas was once again promoted through the annual designer competition held at the event. Outstanding products that convinced with their innovative design were picked out for awards by an international jury with the inclusion of the Russian Association of Lighting Designers. Design quality played an equally important role in the winner selection criteria with the technical and ecological quality plus the overall concept.


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