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In order to answer European Community <<on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment >>(WEEE) and <<on the Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment >>(ROHS).Our company invited  well-known certification authority- SGS company to train for all staffs  and managers  about ISO9001:2000 and IECQ management system. And we spent USD40, 000 to buy detector equipment ROHS---X-fluorescence spectrometer for examing our production .

After European Community carry out WEEE and ROHS ,it affects more than 2000 export enterprises (most of the export enterprises locate in southeast coast.)and some  manufacturer which product components and parts .About more than 10,000 enterprises  are affected by WEEE and ROHS. It has a strong impact on lamp industry in China .After 1st July .all the productions which can not accord With ROHS will be forbidden entering to European market , maybe they will be amerced.It tests us austerely .Pass the standard ,we can survive, or we will be forced to give up this market Or face with death. Face the Stresses and strains, kingdery lighting resolutely chooses the Former. All staff make concerted effort and reply energetic。

Management of our company analyze thorough the supply information of Lamp company ,Our suppliers have small scope , scattered, lack of technology,finance finity.  It is impossible to ask our suppliers to supply all the production which accord With    ROHS. Some supplier send the sample to testing laboratory to test and  get the ROHS test report. If the sample is ok they think mass  productions that are eligible,They think they  have the passport for ROHS. For lamp enterprise, in fact in the process of manufacture, whichever Process (sale , technique Plan ,buyer , storage or production , )is mismanagement, uniformity of a lot production will not meet ROHS requirement . If we can control incoming material better or not ,it extremely decide ROHS production success or fail 。Therefore ,our company buy the detector equipment ROHS---X-fluorescence spectrometer , All the incomging material will be sampled to detect , All the disqualifications will be untreaded  to our supplier in spot test .until their materials can meet our requirment ,they can be enter our warehouse . We  guarantee all the material in the product line can accord with ROHS

OEC Management

OEC is an abbreviation of Overall Every Control and Clear, indicating that overall control and supervision of every employee every day.

“O” stands for Overall, “E” for Everyone, Everyday and Everything and “C” means Control and Clear.

Purpose of the OEC Management is as follows:

Day-based task accomplishment and improvement

The task assigned for every day basis should be accomplished in the same day with an increase of 1% over that in previous day.

The OEC Management is comprised of three systems:

Objective → Daily Accomplishment → Incentive

The Objective must be established first; Daily accomplishment is basic to fulfillment of the objective; Result of Daily Accomplishment will be of significance when it is attached with incentive policy.


Kingdery have Certificates
IECQ QC080000 Certificate
ISO9001:2000 Certificate
CE Certificate 01
CE Certificate 02
3C Certificate01
3C Certificate02


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