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lighting Design
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Kingdery Lighting Design Style

Modern style: Simple, bright, beautiful, functionality combined with art character. Excelsior producing technique, pursue product’s high quality, creating high quality lamplight effect. Designer are in deep love with glass, metal and the like material, devise produce, simple line and exquisite art come true perfection and unification. Simple glass shade, mellow line, fluency lifelikeness, strong permeation, pearl color and milk white color give people soft and broad feeling.

Classical style: Graceful gesture classical beauty, designers work out copy archaize lasting charm with modern machining technology, good at matching for kinds of color, match kinds of crystals, making products more spiritualism, embody modern people a new concept for classical. Casting back history and restoring tradition let modern people know of us fountain and taste idea’s one way. Because it explore history, and make us know the wrought reason of different lighting.

Design and development plan and implementation

  1. The product designs and develops under control of ISO9001:2000 and IECQ:QC080000, the company control actively on the product design in entire process, make sure that the new product satisfies customers, related law&regulations and the professional standard request.
  2. The R&D department compiles, analysis, plan new projects for new products according to the synthesis information of market and customer demand. The project is initiated by R&D, verified by technical development division, and approved by general manager finally.
  3. 5 appraisals and trial production for processing of R&D are improving in view of security, structure, craft, packing, outward appearance, cost and RHOS etc. The company establishes the perfect reward mechanism, awards the department which puts forward any product improvement propose, and urges the product to be consummated unceasingly, to use the most appropriate processing way to carry on the production.
  1. WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC
    Product design is the first step of WEEE directive. We examine the new products times. It is easy to knock down, decompose and recycle. Restrict or don’t use the material and process against the WEEE Directive.
  2. RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
    We set up the hazardous substances list.   Using EDX fluorescence spectrum machine to test the material especially for the new material. We only use the eligible material and make sure it is corresponding to the ROHS in production.  

Using for new material and parts

Engineer test the new accessory sample, and make the structure, function, intension, corrosive-resistant on surface up to occident export standard.



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