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Kingdery lighting Co, Ltd., established in 1998, former name is Jindalai light &electronic appliance factory. Through incessant development and effective capital recombine, we established Kingdery light Co, Ltd in Hong Kong, and successfully set up Kingdery light Co. Ltd in Zhong Shan which is our important manufacturing base in Mainland in the end of 2003. It owns two big brands: International brand Kingdery and domestic brand Jindalai.

kingdery light company The plant of Kingdery covers 33,350 square meters. Factory buildings are “Black” as main color, a building row upon row of other building, owning European style, following international tideway, and having internationalization and intelligentized feature. Our company bends ourselves to furniture, commerce, and office three big fields. It integrates with the research, production and sales. We specialize in manufacturing pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and mirror lamp and so on, and export to Europe, America, and Asia and many developed countries and territories. It is one of the biggest scope and best environment light product manufacturing base in China.

Our company regard the construction of R&D Department, invest several million capital on employment of excellent person with ability and renew of studied equipment, have a group good trained project designer, and established a cooperation fellowship with Europe America and the high level design organization, test and improve its security, structure, appearance, function and others for each product, and research continuously excellent product of high add-value, strong life, market guide, improve company’s visualization and product’s technology, through four layer development and comment, it strictly controls product quality.

kingdery light showroom‘Pay attention to detail, improve continuously, supply satisfactory product and service for our customers’ is our quality guide line, ‘green color environment protection, good quality is our developing principle. Our company strictly put in practice “5S” of management, entirely enforce ISO9001-2000 quality management system, before executed Europe Union Rohs directive On July,1st of 2006,our company fetched in IECQ QC080000 (the management process system of hazardous substances), and purchase Rohs inspecting machine, at the same time set up Rohs tested groups to control strictly original material purchase and producing process, ensure product protected environment and nonstop stability. Our HSF (hazardous substances free) aim is ‘100% satisfy the customers’ HSF requirement.

“Human is the first productivity.” We cooperate many years perennially with professionally Consultation Management Company, and taken some special training for the high governors, middle governors, workshop staff and the staff can improve their diathesis and operation skill. In order to improve the whole level of the enterprise management, company carry through management with ERP which a high efficiency、convenience and nicety program. Our Company use the EPR have became the apotheosis in the light trade.

Jindalai have been taking the best product to domestic people enjoyed, the end of 2005,Our company builded up Jindalai’s sales centre on the basis of the original sales department, and use new VI system and perfect management administration mode, increase development, production, propagandism, service, continue to go a namable brand industry way. Bran-new Jindalai pitch middle and top grade light, modern、simple、fad style, it carry out license leagued management.

“Excellent quality, originality infinitely” is our spirit and “become the first-class light brand” is our goal. This divine order will encourage us to offer more high products and more good service.


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