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ABOUT KINGDERY - Corporate Culture

KINGDERY Guidance Genius:Dedication, patriotism and perfection pursue

Thought of dedication and patriotism stems from Chinese traditional philosophy of loyalty, or repay of obligation.KINGDERY is determined to provide high quality products and services to consumers, and to render its benefits to repay the society and the country. Loyalty is sincerity and KINGDERY is always sincere to consumers and society.

KINGDERY working style:Prompt response and immediate action

KINGDERY style is a demonstration of KINGDERY’s concept in the market. KINGDERY is dedicated to satisfy consumer demands by minimizing their annoyance with the most efficient methods. KINGDERY will never say “No” to market.

In information age, speed is decisive.

KINGDERY manage conception:Day-based task accomplishment and improvement

The task assigned for every day basis should be accomplished in the same day with an increase of 1% over that in previous day.

KINGDERY struggle target:To be the best lighting brand in the world

The pictures of corporate culture

Kingdery Office Team
Kingdery Technology Team
Kingdery Sales Team
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