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Quality products are made by qualified people

The key to enhance business dynamics and competitiveness is to maintain superiority in human resource. People are the only productive factor that is both active and creative. As sophisticated as it can be, a management need people to put into effect.

It is a value war instead of a price war

By competing on value rather than price, we make products that are highly valued, thus consolidate resources as soon as possible to best satisfy personalized needs and exceed customers’ expectations.

Overseas expansion based upon domestic success

There are two principles. Firstly, the best efforts are made to fully develop the current industry before entering new segment of relative products; secondly, the best efforts are made to gain the leading position in the new segment of the industry after a certain period in which the business has been well developed.

First difficult, then easy

Build name brand in developed markets and then expand the business into developing markets with little resistance.

Without domestic market, business is rootless, without international market, business is weak

Without domestic market, business is rootless, without international market, business is weak. If a business is uncompetitive in the domestic market, it is impossible make its way into the international market. However, if a business is successful only in the domestic market, the superiority won’t last long. Kingdery has experienced a tough time when starting to go abroad. Some asked the question what is the point to seek for a bone abroad when there was easy meat in China. The truth is when all are fighting over the same piece of meat, there will be nothing left but the bone in no time. A business like Kingdery should actively take part in the global competition.




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